The 8 Biggest Beauty Trends of 2020

The 8 Biggest Beauty Trends of 2020

This year 2020 has been important for skincare. We have all learned to focus on how to make our skin better instead of trying to cover it with thick layers of foundation and Poudre. So, here are the beauty trends of 2020, which we expect to be great.

1. The Microbiome

We are slowly learning and accepting that bacteria and microorganisms are not all bad and we shouldn’t, in fact, rub and disinfect our skin all the time. Instead, 2020 will probably be the year that will make us learn how to balance the PH level of our skin and feed the good bacteria, so that the skin is beautiful even without makeup. Microbiome-focused skin care products are likely to be the key factor in all of this.

2. Euphoria Style Makeup

Everyone has probably seen the Euphoria series by now and was inspired by makeup choices. We are already seeing people experimenting with makeup more than ever, but this series has certainly pushed a lot of people to try something new and exciting and we think the trend will continue to grow in 2020.

3. Creative Eyelashes

If we follow the parades, we see more and more dramatic and creative eyelashes everywhere. So stock up on masked parties and events. Eyelashes will be the way to impress this year.

4. Prominent Jaw

They all want a chiseled jaw and there is a special product on the market just for this. You don’t need cosmetic surgery, now you can only get a special type of filler to make your jaw sculpted just like the models.

5. Functional Fragrance

We live in a very visual world and sometimes we forget that smells can actually influence us instinctively. We are used to thinking that perfume makes us feel important, we have also heard of pheromone perfume. However, it seems that 2020 will be a year in which perfumes will become scientific and we will find out which smells will influence our health or help us concentrate.

6. Unpaired Eye Makeup

We all tried to change the laces on our shoes and also played with different color Converse shoes. We love mismatched earrings and most of us have had a wildly different manicure on each of the hands. We love the contrast and the fact that we don’t have to choose, being able to have both. It is quite certain that 2020 will be the year when we will start doing it also with large-scale eye makeup.

7. Acupuncture at Home

The acupuncture mat will replace the neck/back massage in 2020. They are all the benefits of acupuncture without having to go outside or have a strange stick with small needles stuck. People have opted for acupuncture mats as a solution at home for back pain and neck strains that we all have, due to sitting at our computer and staring at the phone too much.

8. Well-Being Becomes Digital

The cost of wellness is crazy in some countries and it is now easier for us to use an app to help us take care of our health than to go to the hospital. It is a good thing? We are not sure. But at least now there are apps for exercising, meditation, doing yoga, and even apps that connect you with therapists. We only expect this trend to grow in 2020.


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